Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimization: The key to making a website more successful

This parameter displays how much the visitors of a website can be animated to a certain action. This desired action is different depending on the type of web presence.

In case of an online shop, the goal is a submitted order. It is desired that the visitor of a shop portal place an order. Other websites have the goal of subscribing to a newsletter. Website operators that earn their profit with affiliates want their visitors to click on the displayed ads. If commission is paid based on Pay per Sale, then visitors should ideally also place an order on the website of the ad affiliate.


Use this formula to calculate Conversion Rate

The number of successfully performed actions (e.g. purchases, downloads etc.) divided by the number of visitors multiplied by 100 results in the Conversion Rate.

Simplified: Successful actions / number of visitors * 100 = Conversion Rate

This number is a relative indicator that cannot easily compared with other indicators. The conversion rate is however a good indicator for your own page in order to determined whether a performed optimization was in fact successful.

How to improve the Conversion Rate

  1. If the headline does not resonate with the visitor, they typically close the website within a few seconds.
  2. Content is the most important factor for websites to motivate visitors to an action. Copy without meaning is typically not even read. Design also plays an important part. The call to action must be present because the reader wants to be nudged towards an action. A “Call to Action Button” that exactly defines what will happen after clicking is very helpful. Depending on the website, the button offers placing an order or signing up for a subscription.
  3. Appealing pictures are eye-catchers. The image has to be appropriate to the copy in order to reflect topical relevance and for the reader to build trust in the website.
  4. Experience showed that navigation bars on order pages have a negative effect. The visitor may be distracted from a desired action. It may therefore be beneficial to omit navigation on an order page.

These are only some suggestions. Like so often, common sense must be applied and eye-tracking tools or other website analysis tools may also give more insight.

Only practical tests will show how effectively various optimization strategies raise the Conversion Rate. Your own experience should always be considered as well. Unfortunately, there is no generally valid recommendation. An optimization strategy should always be followed by a test phase of a certain time frame before trying out something else.


What are your experiences with Conversion Rate Optimization?

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