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A modern company has to constantly face new tasks and challenges because today’s marketing and communication is in a state of constant change and regularly get redefined. It is important to go with time and adapt to the new changes. found out what you will face in 2014 and summarized it in trends. Here you will find an overview of the five most important trends in 2014.

  1. The future is mobile
    The trend is clear: In the future, less and less people will access content from websites exclusively on their computers. Smart phones and tablets are gaining ground and that’s not likely to change very soon. How does your current website look when viewed on a smart phone? Can customers place orders in your webvshop on their tablet? The magic word is Responsive Web Design. Here, the elements of a web site automatically adapt to the screen resolution of the viewer. Within a few years, up to 90 percent of all online purchases are expected to be done on phones or tablets. Entrepreneurs must react quickly and design their web site easy and intuitive but also mobile-ready and interactively.
  2. More Social Media
    One of the trends for 2014 is the supply of Social Media channels, because their numbers are growing rapidly. Many companies already have a Facebook or Twitter presence but only a few engage in the new channels like Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. These platforms are becoming increasingly popular and give the opportunity to conduct targeted marketing. In addition, the so-called Social Shares are getting more important for Google: It’s no longer enough to have keywords in the web but the users have to like it as well. Search engine optimization is changing.
  3. Video / moving images are essential
    Videos and moving images are not only able to trigger emotions but also to communicate entire messages. And this is crucial for online marketing. Because of this, more and more marketers use this instrument to approach potential customers. This does not mean that the text is not important anymore, but videos can act as eye-catcher to get the attention of the target group.
  4. Ad Retargeting as long term method
    Ad Retargeting is becoming increasingly important: numerous studies have proven that brand names, messages and symbols have an effect on customers if repeated frequently over a long period of time. You can benefit from this research and increase efforts in online marketing with this method this year.

Did you do your homework concerning Mobile, Responsive Web Design, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr? How does your company face these new trends?

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