Our team

Steffen Jung

Gravitation Expert

Steffen accompanies the development of the Internet every day since its beginnings. The entrepreneurial and technical opportunities of the online world fascinate him again and again. In over 10 years in senior IT roles, he has gained extensive experience in software and Internet technology, sales and marketing.

In 2009, he founded gravima, the agency for gravitation marketing. Customers benefit from the generated “gravitation” through more success and awareness on the Internet and beyond. As creative head and technology-minded geek, he develops and manages Internet projects together with his team of web experts. He likes to talk about and discuss the latest trends and developments in Internet Marketing & Technology. Gladly also with you.

Tim Rüdenauer

Lead Web DevelopmentGravitation Engineer

Tim is our technology-brain. He has been loving computers and technology ever since he was eight years old. Tim always has something to say about any subject. Even though he would prefer working with a mixture of Linux and iOS, he has got to deal with Windows. With his skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL, he builds everything from websites to online shops to APIs. He is also the man we turn to if we are looking for special solutions.

Silke Vogel

Print & Creative Designer
Gravitation Designer

Silke is our creative brain. Through her both degrees in engineering and media-authoring she combines design with technical knowledge in print as well as online. As an enthusiastic Barcamp visitor, she is constantly networking and improving. A quote from her: A day in which you haven’t learned anything new is a day lost. She’s sharing the enthusiasm for technological innovations with Steffen. Through her years of experience in advertising, she adds assurance to the team and creates a foundation of trust for our customers.

Kathrin Jung

Good Fairy

Kathrin is the good fairy in the back-office of gravima. She fondly takes care of anything that doesn’t have to do with our day-to-day business and thus takes the load off our backs. Without her, gravima would only be half as good.