Top 10 Reasons for Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring is all the buzz nowadays. Users increasingly share experiences with products, brands and companies in social networks.

Do you know how people are talking about your company? Does your service get praise? Or is a user angry because of a missing feature? Not every company has to run after the social media trend. But you should at least know what people on the web are saying about your brand, products and services.

The Top 10 Reasons for Social Media Monitoring

  1. Asses the status of your brand / get other points of view for your brand
  2. React to complaints / establish an early-warning system
  3. Find and acknowledge positive feedback about your brand/product/services
  4. Identify needs/requirements of your target group
  5. Identify and quickly rectify faulty information
  6. Monitor competition / detect violations of the law
  7. Identify innovations / see current topics in your industry
  8. Identify multipliers and supporters / find communities of like-minded people
  9. Assess online marketing campaigns
  10. Recruiting

You don’t always need a commercial solution to implement Social Media Monitoring. You can build a good foundation with some free tools and Google Alerts.

What are your experiences with Social Media Monitoring?

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