Webfili, Tanju Polat – Negative Experiences

Negative experiences with Tanju Polat, owner of Webfili

At gravima we often work with international companies. Our experiences have always been very positive. We arrange by email or Skype what is to do. Agree usually at a fixed price and then starting the project. So far, we even had waived deposit or payment in advance due to the many positive experiences. Even if sometimes problems in a project occurred, no matter from which side, we found always a fair solution.

Unfortunately, we have now made our first, very negative experience. With many efforts, unfortunately in this case much more as planned, we have realized some WPML customizations for a Turkish property website. The client, in this case, was Tanju Polat the owner of the Turkish web agency Webfili (formerly ComTurkey).

Cooperations with Tanju Polat of Webfili.com

The solution was completed to 100% and repeatedly presented to the customer. However, we have unfortunately never received a payment. The reasons are a mystery to us. He was also never tried to find a solution seriously on their side. Calls were blocked and emails not answered. Hereby I would like to warn other businesses and service providers about the business practices of ComTurkey and his business owner Tanju Polat. According to our experience, there are no fair business practices applied. Be careful about cooperations with Tanju Polat of Webfili.

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