Internet agency gravima - marketing with gravitation from Heilbronn

Welcome to gravima GmbH, your trusted partner for innovative gravitational marketing in the vibrant heart of Heilbronn and in close proximity to the dynamic metropolitan region of Stuttgart. Dive with us into a world where your brand not only becomes visible, but magnetic, attracting customers and impressing sustainably in the digital space. At gravima, we design tailored, thoughtful digital marketing strategies specifically aimed at maximizing your online presence and exceeding your business goals. With a team of creative minds, strategists, and technical experts, we accompany you on your digital journey, create effective campaigns, and design impressive, user-friendly websites. Whether you are a startup or an established company - we at gravima are committed to making your digital brand shine and making your business growth goals a reality.

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Our mission

Your digital success through gravima's tailored strategies

In the digital world, it's not just about being present, but standing out. That's exactly what we help you with. Whether through appealing web design, effective online marketing strategies, or tailored online shops - our goal is to bring your company to the top. At gravima, we understand the uniqueness of your company and develop strategies that not only strengthen your online presence, but also your market positioning.

With us you go new ways, conquer new markets and strategically expand your success on the Internet. We advise and realize from strategy to operational implementation in the field of internet marketing, and we are only satisfied when your brand is not only visible, but also successful and effective in the digital space.

Our expertise

Creativity meets technology at gravima

  • Web development: We rely on the most modern technologies in the web area and realize impressive, high-performance websites and applications with Next.js, React and headless CMS. More info!
  • Online marketing strategies: We develop individual concepts that directly address your target group and set you apart from the crowd. More info!
  • Internationality: Trust our extensive experience from design through processes to technology with international customer experience. With a global mindset, we understand how to position brands across borders.
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Gravitational marketing

Magnetism in the digital: How gravima makes your brand irresistible

Imagine your brand has the attraction of a magnet. That's gravitational marketing. We create 'gravitation on the internet' for your products, services and services. This holistic concept ensures that potential customers not only become aware of you, but also become loyal customers. The effect? More awareness, more customers and more success.

The focus? Social media. It enables direct dialogue, valuable feedback and the opportunity to constantly optimize products and services. Through social networks, you enter into a completely new, profitable dialogue with your customers and interested parties.

Why gravima?

The magical attraction of innovative marketing solutions

With us you not only speak internet - we understand it too! Gravitational marketing will also magically attract your customers. Our passion is to make companies successful in the digital age. Trust in our expertise, our innovative technology stacks and let's achieve great things together!

Start with us!

Let's take the next step together. We look forward to getting to know you and your company and creating outstanding digital experiences together.

Online Marketing

Measurable success

We understand our craft in the field of performance marketing. Put us to the test!

Shops & Websites

Pages with built-in gravitation!

Our websites and online shops not only look good - they also convert well!

Design & Branding

Design that inspires!

Design by gravima is modern, looks damn good and also increases sales on the internet!

Strategy & Support

Carefree all around!

From the first idea to the strategy to holistic implementation. More success with gravitational marketing!