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We create modern, powerful and user-friendly websites based on the revolutionary Jamstack technology – the perfect replacement for outdated and cumbersome content management systems like WordPress and TYPO3.

Jamstack, NextJS and Headless CMS: Your partner for future-oriented websites

Are you tired of dealing with the typical problems of WordPress, TYPO3 and other content management systems and want to improve the flexibility and loading time of your website? Then it's time to modernize your website with a fast and stable architecture! At gravima, we are experts in building Jamstack websites based on a headless CMS such as Strapi, Storyblok, Sanity and Prismic. This modern technology allows us to build a fast website that optimally meets your individual requirements and goals in the digital world.


Experience incredible loading times and lightning-fast performance that will delight your visitors and improve your Google rankings.


Benefit from increased security and fewer attack surfaces, thanks to the decoupled architecture of Jamstack.


Be prepared for sudden increases in traffic and grow seamlessly with your business without performance loss.


Enjoy the freedom to design your website according to your wishes and update your content quickly and easily.

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We at gravima have specialized in the creation of Jamstack websites, among other things. Our expertise includes individual design of your web design to optimally present your brand and address your target group. We attach great importance to responsive and mobile-first implementation to ensure perfect display on all devices. In addition, we offer comprehensive search engine optimization to strengthen your online presence and increase your visibility. With us, you will receive transparent project communication and fair prices, without hidden costs. We attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers to ensure that your needs are met and your goals are achieved. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain further information or to discuss your web development needs with us. We look forward to helping you take your online presence to the next level.

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Comparison to conventional WordPress websites

WordPress has been the most popular system for website creation for years. However, it has weaknesses such as slow loading times, security issues and limited customization options. In contrast, Jamstack websites are a modern, efficient alternative to WordPress and TYPO3. They offer fast loading times that delight users and improve Google rankings. The separate Jamstack architecture increases security and reduces attack surfaces. Jamstack websites are adaptable and grow with your business. The flexibility allows for individual design and easy updating of your content. With gravima, you use a future-oriented solution for an outstanding online presence!

Higher security through separate architecture
More susceptible to security issues
Loading Speed
Very fast loading times
Can be slower
Little maintenance effort
Requires regular maintenance
Flexible integration of various technologies
More limited customization options
Error susceptibility
Less error-prone
More error-prone
Technical implementation
Modern, API-based approach
Monolithic architecture
Separated, Headless-CMS
Integrated backend
Simple content management
Intuitive, flexible content management
Less flexible content management
Integration of external systems
Easy integration via APIs
Dependency on plugins and extensions
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We let our customers speak

Website Relaunch

Comprehensive website relaunch with modern technology

Your website is the digital flagship of your company and should always be up to date. A website relaunch is the perfect opportunity to optimize your online presence and achieve your business goals. Discover the difference with gravima: Our dedicated team of digital experts relies on innovative Jamstack technology to make your website relaunch a success. We combine state-of-the-art technology, appealing design and effective SEO strategies to achieve top rankings in Google & Co.

Success begins with solid planning

Our industry experience enables a quick familiarization with your company and guarantees a successful digital transformation. Together we develop a prototype that shows how your goals and requirements can be optimally implemented. Transparent project management and fair costs are a matter of course.

Jamstack technology for fast, secure and scalable websites

Benefit from the advantages of Jamstack technology, which uses modern web development methods such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Your website will be faster, more secure and more scalable – perfect for your individual relaunch.

Mobile-friendly relaunch with first-class UX/UI design

Our UX and UI experts design a user-friendly, responsive website that convinces on all devices. The intuitive navigation and precise structure ensure a positive user experience and the success of your website.

Content and design that inspire your target group

We create appealing, informative content and an individual web design that is tailored to your target group. This takes your website to a new level and helps you achieve your business goals.

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Let's discover new galaxies and strategically expand your success in the digital world. Together we reach for the stars!

Experts for your online presence

Our team – your guarantors of success

At gravima, we rely on a team of experienced and passionate experts who are always up to date with the latest technology. Our web designers, developers and SEO specialists work hand in hand to provide you with a website that not only impresses visually, but also works flawlessly and achieves excellent results.

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Website Relaunch by experts

Individual solutions for every need

In Germany alone, 67% of companies are dissatisfied with their online presence.

We at gravima know that every company is unique and has individual requirements. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. Whether you are a small start-up or an established company, we will find the perfect Jamstack website for your success.

Digitalization is advancing rapidly, and to remain competitive, companies need a modern and efficient online presence. With a Jamstack website, you secure the following advantages:

Cost efficiency

Reduce the operating costs of your website by saving expensive server infrastructures and maintenance costs. JAMstack technology is resource-efficient and helps you keep your expenses in check.

Easy content management

Our user-friendly solutions enable even less tech-savvy employees to easily add, edit or delete content. This keeps your website up to date and appealing.

Future-proof technology

Rely on future-oriented technology that is continuously evolving and helps you stay one step ahead.

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Take the step into the future

Don't wait any longer and let yourself be convinced by the performance of Jamstack as an alternative to WordPress and TYPO3. Contact us today to arrange a non-binding consultation. Our team is looking forward to shaping your digital future together with you and taking your website to the next level! Benefit from improved website loading times, increased visibility and a modern website that meets current requirements.


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Lead Web Development

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Modern web development with Jamstack

Discover Jamstack, the future of modern, powerful websites

Jamstack is a modern approach to web development that focuses on separating frontend and backend to ensure high performance, scalability and security. Jamstack sites combine various technologies such as headless CMS, NextJS and ReactJS to create an optimized, flexible and user-friendly platform for creating and managing web content.

Headless CMS such as Strapi, Storyblok, Sanity and Prismic enable content management without being tied to a specific frontend technology. They offer an API-based architecture that facilitates the integration of content into various frontend frameworks. Open-source headless CMS such as Strapi provide developers with additional flexibility, adaptability and community support to create individual solutions for different projects.

NextJS is a popular React framework that is ideal for creating Jamstack sites. It simplifies the development of server-side rendered, statically generated or incrementally statically generated web pages and enables optimal performance and fast loading times. With NextJS, developers can access the benefits of ReactJS, a powerful JavaScript framework for creating user-friendly, interactive user interfaces.

The combination of Jamstack, Headless CMS, NextJS and ReactJS offers numerous advantages over traditional web development methods. The serverless architecture and the separation of frontend and backend ensure fast loading times and high performance. Since the frontend is separated from the backend, there are fewer attack surfaces, and the system is overall more secure. The decoupled architecture allows for easy scaling to meet the requirements of a growing project.

The API-based integration of headless CMS and the use of ReactJS and NextJS enable high adaptability and the implementation of individual solutions. By using headless CMS, editors can efficiently manage and update content without having to worry about technical details.

Overall, the combination of Jamstack, headless CMS, NextJS and ReactJS offers a modern, powerful and future-proof solution for web development that provides numerous benefits for our customers and their editors.

Jamstack: The modern web development framework

  1. Jamstack
  2. Next.js
  3. React
  4. Strapi
  5. Storyblok
  6. Sanity
  7. Prismic

Jamstack: The modern web development framework

Jamstack stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup and is a modern web development framework based on the separation of frontend and backend. It offers many advantages over traditional monolith systems, including:

  1. Performance: Jamstack generates static pages that are delivered directly from the CDN (Content Delivery Network), enabling fast loading times and an improved user experience.
  2. Scalability: Since static content can be easily distributed across multiple servers, the system is easily scalable to meet increasing demand without requiring additional server resources.
  3. Security: By separating frontend and backend, security risks are minimized, as attacks on the backend system are made more difficult. In addition, the use of APIs reduces attack surfaces.
  4. Developer friendliness: Jamstack allows developers to focus on frontend development while the backend is managed via APIs. This facilitates collaboration and increases productivity.
  5. Version control: Since Jamstack projects are mostly hosted in Git repositories, simple version control and collaboration with other developers is ensured.
  6. Cost efficiency: By using static pages and reducing server resources, hosting costs can be reduced compared to traditional architectures.

Overall, Jamstack offers a modern, scalable and efficient solution for web developers to create powerful and secure web applications.

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