SEO content: 8 tips for a better ranking

Search engine optimized content continues to play a major role in the digital age. Everyone wants their content to rank better, and every conceivable means is used to achieve this. In itself, this is not reprehensible. However, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure that the content remains worth reading despite all this. We have compiled the most important points for you.

1. Texts by people for people

Think about it for a moment: Would you voluntarily read a text that just seems to be a machine-generated string of popular words? Of course not. Your texts should be read by people, not by robots. So write your texts for readers and only think about search engines in the next step. The aim is to create content that people will read and search engines will find.

2. Use keywords only in appropriate places

Neither readers nor search engines are served by an incoherent string of keywords. Instead, try to incorporate relevant keywords in a natural way, because this way your readers will benefit from authentic content that is pleasant to read.

3. Use synonyms of the keywords

In order to suggest a natural writing flow, synonyms of keywords are also required for SEO texts. Because if you constantly repeat the search terms, this will neither increase the number of readers nor will it lead to Google ranking your page higher. If you use similar terms instead, this will ensure variety when reading and a higher hit rate in search engines. In the past, Google Tilde made it possible to find matching synonyms and corresponding keywords and incorporate them directly into the text. Even though this function is no longer available, you can consult other synonym dictionaries to supplement and combine your keywords in a meaningful way.

4. Length matters

Short and too concise content is no longer in demand on the Internet. Readers long for long, in-depth and high-quality content. However, only write longer texts if you can convey the relevant knowledge, otherwise the reader will be disappointed and will not distribute your texts. Don't force the content to be longer, only if it is authentic can the text be longer.

5. The balancing act between long and short sentences

One thing is clear: Google does not like long and convoluted sentences. What is needed here is a clear line. However, you should not write your texts too flatly and put a period after every little train of thought, because this will not create a pleasant reading flow. Your readers need stimuli so that they like the text and then spread it further.

6. Answer questions

If somebody doesn't know something, they ask Google – and you can use this to your advantage. Include short and concise questions in your text that you answer in the subsequent flow of writing. This makes it possible for interested readers looking for answers to precisely this question to find you through the search engine.

7. Share your content

No matter whether you blog, are active in forums or on social networks: Share your content whenever appropriate. This way you can promote your content for free and Google will consider your page more relevant and rank it better accordingly.

8. Title tag and meta description

Last but not least: the title tag and the meta description. They are the first thing that Google and therefore the reader notices. For this reason, you should include keywords here wherever possible. But the same applies here: pay attention to naturalness and unconstrained keyword combinations so that readers click on your texts.

These tips will help you on your way to an optimal web presence. What do you think is important in search engine optimization? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

Wednesday, 29/05/2019
Danina Heider

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