A look into the future of web design: Jamstack and Next.js vs. WordPress and Typo3

In the rapidly advancing world of web design and development, innovative technologies such as Jamstack, Next.js and Headless CMS are breaking the dominance of traditional content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Typo3. These new players in the technology market not only stand for advanced web development, but also for powerful, secure and future-proof online presences. But why are Jamstack and Next.js the preferred tools of many developers and what makes them so special compared to established CMS platforms?

Warum klassische CMS oft kurz kommen

  • Performance: Traditional CMSs have to send dynamic queries to their database on every visit, which can lead to delays in page display.
  • Security: Older CMSs are frequent targets for cyberattacks due to their widespread use and database-driven architectures.
  • Flexibility and scalability: With conventional CMSs, scaling and adapting to different projects and requirements can be complex and resource-intensive.

Vorteile, die Jamstack und Next.js in den Vordergrund rücken

  1. Outstanding performance
    Jamstack relies on pre-generated, static HTML that is delivered at lightning speed by a Content Delivery Network (CDN). By using Next.js, this process is further optimized through code splitting and efficient caching, providing users with an exceptionally fast load time and a smooth user experience.
  2. Unrivaled security
    With Jamstack and Next.js, your websites are protected from numerous security issues that could affect dynamic, database-dependent CMSs. They are inherently more secure against various attack vectors such as SQL injection or XSS thanks to their static nature and the separation of client and server.
  3. Scalability made easy
    Jamstack websites are inherently scalable thanks to the separation of frontend and backend and the use of CDNs that efficiently distribute the load, ensuring a consistently high standard of performance - even during traffic spikes.
  4. Developer friendliness
    Working with the technologies you prefer and greater design freedom makes Jamstack and Next.js particularly developer-friendly. APIs allow simple integrations and the separation of frontend and backend enables parallel work teams, which further accelerates the development process.
  5. Future-proof
    Thanks to their focus on modern web standards and technologies, projects developed with Jamstack and Next.js are not only up-to-date but also future-proof, whereas traditional CMSs often work with outdated technologies and concepts.
  6. Cost efficiency
    Since static pages can be delivered via cost-effective CDNs and fewer server-side resources are required, Jamstack projects are often more economical to run than their traditional counterparts.
  7. Personalized, dynamic content

Your journey into the future of the web with gravima

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Thursday, 15/06/2023
Fabian Hainz

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