What you need to consider with local SEO

If you want to be represented on the World Wide Web as a regional entrepreneur or service provider in order to reach more customers, then local SEO is particularly important for you. Find out why local SEO is so important and what you need to bear in mind here.

What is the purpose of local SEO?

Local SEO focuses primarily on search engine rankings and therefore, at first glance, hardly differs from conventional search engine optimization. On closer inspection, however, subtle differences become clear. It is important to tailor the concept to the locality in the best possible way and also to keep an eye on the competition. You should therefore filter out special features of the region and incorporate these into your implementation. It is therefore important that you are very familiar with the region and also have a good picture of your prevailing target group, which you can ideally put yourself in their shoes.

What is important to be able to compete locally?

The annual study „Local Search Ranking Factors“ by David Mihm shows which criteria play a role in local SEO. For example, it is essential that you have a Google Business entry and that everything has been entered correctly. It is also important that you expand your link building and generate a large number of backlinks with a meaningful connection. As the location is particularly important, it is essential that you provide all subpages of your homepage with the complete address so that you can be found more quickly - by potential customers and the search engines. In addition, it is always important that you are rated by customers and that these ratings spread to as many websites as possible. Encourage your customers to give you public feedback.

What role do mobile devices play?

The study also shows that mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in society. For this reason, it is essential for you as a regional entrepreneur or service provider to use local SEO to enable people with mobile devices to find their way to your store or office. Therefore, design your Google + Local entry clearly and pack the most important information into a few short sentences so that potential customers can get a first impression. Don't underestimate mobile devices when it comes to local SEO and use them to attract users searching for a specific product or service.

Do you also use local SEO? And what experiences have you had?

Saturday, 04/06/2022
Danina Heider

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