The limits of large language models in SEO and website diagnostics

In a digitized world where AI is becoming increasingly important, many are turning to modern tools such as Large Language Models (LLMs). Be it GPT language models from OpenAI, Google LaMDA or MT-NLG from Microsoft, these advanced systems offer tempting possibilities. But how reliable are they really in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO) or website diagnostics?

The basics of LLMs: What are Large Language Models?

Large Language Models are advanced AI systems that are trained to generate human-like text based on given prompts. They differ from traditional systems in their ability to provide complex and coherent responses in natural language.

LLMs are not based on "intelligence" in the traditional sense. Their answers are the result of probabilities and the huge amounts of training data with which they have been fed.

These are the limitations and risks of LLMs

LLMs are impressive tools, but they have their limits. Gary Illyes from Google has pointed out that these models can "hallucinate" (source: In fact, models such as Google's Bard and Bing Chat have provided incorrect answers in the past. The reason? The enormous amount of data they process. Errors or incompleteness in this data inevitably lead to erroneous results.

AI for SEO optimization: supporting, not replacing

While AI can be useful, e.g. for data analysis or keyword research, it does not replace human creativity and judgment. AI-generated texts carry the risk of incorrect facts. Human review is therefore essential. If you want to use AI for SEO, you should see it as a tool and not as the sole actor. Realistic expectations and constant monitoring are the key to success.

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AI-supported SEO: potential and dangers in website optimization

Without extensive expertise, using such tools can be risky. Should you really try to tackle search engine optimization on your own? Or would it be wiser to rely on the expertise of an advertising agency? For the self-employed, SMEs or even larger companies considering SEO optimization with the help of LLMs, it is important to look at the whole picture.

Independent SEO versus expert knowledge:

Using LLMs such as GPT language models from OpenAI, Google LaMDA or MT-NLG from Microsoft may seem tempting as they can provide efficient and seemingly accurate results. However, acting independently without comprehensive SEO expertise harbors risks. Wrong decisions based on AI-generated suggestions can affect the visibility of a website or even lead to penalties from search engines.

The role of advertising agencies:

Professional advertising agencies offer not only the expertise in SEO, but also the experience in dealing with the pitfalls of AI tools. They can better understand the context and know when and how best to use such tools. A qualified online marketing expert can evaluate the results of an AI, correct mistakes and adjust recommendations to get the best value out of it.

The true cost of self-optimization:

While at first glance it may seem cost-effective to perform SEO yourself using AI, the potential long-term costs of errors caused by untested AI recommendations should not be underestimated. These include lost search engine rankings, missed business opportunities and potential reputational damage.

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Optimize your website with AI? The decision-making aid

So should you really try to tackle SEO on your own? For those who don't have the time or resources to delve deep into the subject matter and deal with the pitfalls of AI models, it might be wiser to call on the expertise of an online advertising agency. You should choose an agency that already relies on the support of AI itself. This is the only way to ensure that you benefit from the advantages of AI without falling victim to the potential disadvantages.


Large language models and other AI tools are undoubtedly impressive. But they are not flawless. They should be used with caution and skepticism when it comes to SEO optimization and website diagnostics. Ultimately, website owners must decide whether to take responsibility themselves or rely on experts.

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Friday, 01/09/2023
Danina Heider

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