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Steffen Jung
Steffen Jung
Managing Director

Since the very first days of the Internet in Germany, Steffen has been a constant companion of its evolution and a pioneer in exploring its unlimited possibilities. The constant innovation and unceasing fascination with the entrepreneurial and technical potential of the online world continues to inspire him. With more than a decade of experience in senior positions in the IT industry, Steffen has a remarkably broad expertise in software and internet technology as well as sales and marketing.

In 2009, he laid the foundation for gravima, the gravity marketing agency, with the promise of creating "gravity" that helps clients achieve greater success and presence in the digital space and beyond. Steffen is not only the creative mind behind gravima, but also a tech geek who develops and manages internet projects with passion and in-depth know-how together with his team of experts.

He has a lively and enthusiastic exchange about the latest trends and developments in internet marketing and technology - a discussion he would be delighted to have with you.

Tim Rüdenauer
Tim Rüdenauer
Lead web development

Tim - the technological powerhouse in our team. He discovered his love of computers and technology at the age of eight, a passion that continues unabated to this day. He is not only our technology brain, but also a source of inexhaustible knowledge and impressive versatility in everything to do with the digital universe.

Tim not only makes words speak, but also codes. His expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP enables him to realize a wide range of digital projects - from websites and online stores to complex interfaces and individual special solutions. He is characterized not only by his outstanding technical skills, but also by his ability to contribute something valuable to any topic.

Tim's creative approach to solutions and his ability to constantly adapt to rapidly evolving technology make him an indispensable pillar of our team. With one ear always on the pulse of the digital world, he drives our projects forward with expertise, curiosity and a healthy dose of innovative spirit.

Danina Heider
Danina Heider
Lead Digital Marketing

Danina - our strategic thinker and digital marketing virtuoso, for whom enthusiasm for exciting projects and strategic foresight go hand in hand. Clients benefit not only from her expertise in marketing issues in the digital age, but also from her unceasing passion to not only accompany projects, but to turn them into something special with innovation and creativity.

Whether SEO, SEA, social media or public relations - Danina skillfully navigates the multi-layered landscape of digital marketing, always ensuring that strategy, implementation and quality control are seamlessly integrated. As a qualified marketing communications specialist (IHK) and marketing specialist, she knows the theoretical and practical facets of marketing inside out and uses this knowledge to advise and support companies in a targeted manner.

With a keen eye for trends and a consistent focus on outstanding customer service, Danina orchestrates projects that not only deliver results, but also inspire.

Fabian Hainz
Fabian Hainz
Project Manager Web Development

Efficiency and technical know-how par excellence - that's Fabian, our project manager for digital projects. Not only does he know how to manage projects with precision and care, he is also passionate about immersing himself in the depths of technical challenges. He persistently gets to the bottom of every issue, because for Fabian there are no problems, only solutions to be found.

His preferred fields of activity range from websites and online stores to technical SEO and online marketing. Fabian is not just an implementer, he is a doer who acts proactively, initiates and always keeps an eye on the entire project. His methodical approach and analytical understanding enable him to master even complex challenges in a structured and effective manner.

We value not only his professionalism, but also his authenticity and his unstoppable determination to crack every nut, no matter how hard. There is no "can't" in Fabian's world, but rather a constant striving for optimization and perfection.

Philipp Förster
Philipp Förster
Project Manager Digital Marketing / Web Development

An indispensable part of our team even during his training, Philipp has an unerring instinct and technical know-how and has our clients' web analytics and technical solutions firmly in view and under control. With a natural talent and intuition for technical SEO and paid media, no optimization potential escapes him, no detail goes unnoticed.

His analytical skills enable him to maintain an overview and deliver precise analyses even in a sea of data relating to CTR, CPC, SERPs, positioning and conversions. In our performance-driven campaigns, Philipp is characterized by an unwavering calm and focused approach, always with the goal of providing our clients with strategic advantages and helping them stay ahead of the competition.

Even though he is still learning, Philipp displays a professionalism and diligence that goes far beyond his experience, making him a valuable pillar in our agency.

Beatrice Proisl
Beatrice Proisl
Project Manager Digital Marketing

Beatrice brings a breath of fresh air to our team. As a trainee in media design, she is not only on her way to becoming an expert in design and visual communication, but is already adding a special touch to our projects. Beatrice has a keen sense for appealing aesthetics and proves day after day that good design is more than just the interplay of shapes and colors.

With an eye for detail, she manages to get to the heart of brand messages visually and emotionally. She not only impresses with her creative designs, but also with her affinity for the digital world and social media. Beatrice manages our various social media channels with ease and enthusiasm and helps to ensure that our presence always shines with appealing and up-to-date content.

Her fresh ideas and her ability to recognize trends early on make her an indispensable asset to our team.

Kathrin Jung
Kathrin Jung

Kathrin is our fairy godmother in the gravima back office. With great care and attention to detail, she takes care of all the aspects that are far removed from our day-to-day business. She therefore plays a crucial role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly for us.

Her dedicated work in the background not only keeps our backs free, but also creates a working environment in which creativity and productivity can flourish. With her organizational skills, her caring nature and her constant willingness to provide support where help is needed, Kathrin makes a significant contribution to ensuring that we can concentrate fully on our customers and projects.

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