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Digital success with gravima: Your partner for online excellence

Welcome to gravima, your navigation point in the ever-growing universe of digital possibilities. In an era where the digital is not only present, but essential, we give your company a significant advantage with a mix of specialized expertise and innovative creativity. Our team of experts offers a dynamic mix of creative web design, strategic online marketing, and tailored branding solutions designed to put your brand at the center of your target audience.

Every company brings its own unique challenges and goals, and that's exactly where we come in: by developing individualized solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. We go beyond conventional approaches and integrate future-oriented technologies and strategies to optimize your online presence and delight your customers. Let's start a digital journey together that brings your brand to life, resonates with your target audience, and achieves real, sustainable success.

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Online Marketing

Tailored strategies for your online presence

In today's digital world, it's crucial to be present and visible online. Online marketing is not only the heart of a successful online presence, but also the key to effectively reaching and engaging potential customers. At gravima, we are proud to help companies stand out online. With a tailored approach and a team of experts, we offer you the full spectrum of online marketing: SEO, Google Ads, Content & Social Media, and Video Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Every click counts! SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank better organically in search engines. A good ranking ensures more visibility, more visitors, and thus more business opportunities. Our SEO experts use proven strategies and techniques to bring your website to the top of the search results and give you a decisive edge over your competition.

Google Ads

Directly at the top! With Google Ads, you reach your target audience exactly when they are looking for your products or services. Our Google Ads specialists create and optimize campaigns that increase traffic, increase conversion rates, and maximize ROI. Advertise smarter, not harder.

Content & Social Media

Stories that connect! Good content not only speaks for itself, it also inspires and engages your audience. We create engaging and relevant content that effectively communicates your brand message. At the same time, we harness the power of social media to build an active dialogue with your target audience and increase the reach of your brand.

Video Marketing

Pictures say more than a thousand words, videos even more! Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools to convey messages impressively and increase engagement. From conception to production, we offer you everything you need to create impressive videos that resonate with your target audience.

Internet software solutions

We rely on innovative and future-oriented technologies to create the best possible online presence for you.

  • Next.js and React for fast and reactive web applications
  • Headless CMS for flexible and scalable content management
  • WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for websites, communities, and smaller shops with WooCommerce
  • Typo3 as a robust and customizable content management system
  • Shopify for professional e-commerce solutions
  • and much more.

We work with the latest features that PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript offer us and are experts in the field of responsive design.

Shops & Websites

Your guide in the jungle of digital platforms

The digital age has revolutionized the way we do business and interact. A strong online presence is more than just an option; it's a must. At gravima, we accompany you on your digital journey. With our specialized services in the areas of e-commerce/shops, websites, communities, and web development/apps, we create tailored solutions that perfectly fit your requirements.

E-Commerce / Shops

Online selling, global acting! E-commerce has changed the commercial landscape. With our tailor-made shop solutions, we provide you with the tools and technologies you need to successfully market your products online, increase sales, and expand your customer base. From product presentation to checkout optimization - we ensure that your online shop shines in every way.


Your digital shop window! A professional website is the flagship of every company. We design intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly websites that optimally present your brand and offer your visitors an unforgettable experience. We focus on design, functionality, and speed.


Connect, engage, grow! Online communities are places where brands and customers can engage in a real dialogue. Whether you need a platform for your most loyal customers or an interactive area for your team - we build communities that foster engagement and strengthen relationships.

Web development / Apps

Digital solutions that inspire! The digital world is constantly evolving, and so are the needs of your users. From innovative web applications to tailored apps - our team of developers brings your ideas to life, always with a focus on user-friendliness and performance.

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Design & Branding

Realize your vision with creative and resonant design solutions

Unique design and unmistakable brand identity are crucial elements that determine how your company is perceived in today's competitive landscape. At gravima, we transform your vision into visually stunning designs that create resonance and clearly convey your brand message. Discover our diverse range of corporate identity, web design, logo design, and print materials.

Corporate Identity

Create a coherent overall picture! Corporate identity goes beyond a simple logo. It's about creating a unified appearance that is noticeable in every interaction with your brand. From color schemes to business documents - we design an identity that does justice to your company and makes it stand out from the crowd.


Aesthetics meets function! A well-designed website not only reflects your brand identity, but also offers your visitors a seamless experience. We create web designs that are both appealing and user-friendly, so you leave a lasting impression online.

Logo Design

The heart of your brand! An unmistakable logo is often the first contact someone has with your brand. Our designers develop creative and iconic logos that reflect your company's values and stick in the minds of your target audience.

Print materials

Messages that catch the eye! Despite the digital revolution, print media is still a powerful tool in the hands of a marketer. From informative brochures to eye-catching flyers - we design print products that effectively convey your message and appeal to your target audience.


We let our customers speak

Strategy & Support

Your companion through digital transformation

In the constantly changing digital landscape, it is essential to have a clear course and competent support at your side. At gravima, we offer far more than just services - we offer partnerships. From targeted strategies to personal support to training and system maintenance: we are your reliable partner on the road to digital success.

Strategy / Workshops

Define goals, celebrate success! A well-thought-out strategy is the cornerstone of every digital success. In our workshops, we work closely with you to define your goals, identify opportunities, and develop a tailored action plan. Together, we create a roadmap that leads you directly to your goal.

Comprehensive support

Always by your side! In the digital world, challenges can arise at any time. With our comprehensive support, you can be sure that you are never alone. Whether it's technical problems, questions, or optimization requests - we are just a call away.

Consulting & Training

Knowledge is power! The digital world can be complex, but with the right knowledge and the right tools, you can master it. Our experts offer individual consulting and training to make you and your team fit for the digital challenges of tomorrow.

System maintenance

Carefree and safe! A smooth operation of your digital systems is crucial for success. We ensure that everything runs optimally. From regular updates to troubleshooting - our system maintenance ensures that your digital platforms are always up to date and fully functional.

Online Marketing

Measurable success

We understand our craft in the field of performance marketing. Put us to the test!

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